Wednesday, 30 July 2014

World Fashion Day's

World Fashion Day 2017-2018

In all over the world the Day August 21 is celebrated as a World Fashion Day.

 It is considered as a fashion revolution day because this day world best fashion designers present their best designs. 

Fashion shows are arranged in all over the world. People from all over the world see these programs and also have become an attraction for icons.

New trends styles are presented for getting the attraction of the world famous personalities. In all over the world best models are gathered to give a new style look to the world fashion industry. That’s why world fashion day is become a significant in the calendar of global fashion.

Fashion Celebrity’s

The world population follows their favorite fashion celebrity’s styles. So these are the trend developers, trend setters in all over the world. Many companies hire them for their product marketing for the growth of their business.

Fashion is like air which spread all over the global world and is followed by their celebrity. Celebrity is the icon of the world fashion industry.

Fashion Slots

In the world of fashion many kinds of the fashion slots are considered as a sex exclusive but four are considered as a major slots, which are as,



Leg wears



These things shows the interest of the person and also gives a beautiful look of the person. Each personality has its own style. My style is my personality.