Thursday, 14 August 2014

Freedom Celebration

Freedom Celebration Latest Top Trend 2017-2018

A very special day in life of any nation is their freedom day. This day when we got freedom from the foreign rulers. Means that we have got our own identity.

 With freedom we also have got our own valves, culture.  Most of the countries have its own rituals and rules for the celebration of freedom, some nations celebrate it as a day of prayers. Nation starts their day with thanking their God and praying for all the humanity.

 Some nations spend this day as a day full of celebrations, and enjoyment as a holiday. On the national level programs, meetings are arranged for this special day. Government announces that day as a special day and government workers arrange functions, parties and marches for that day. 

People come out their houses and have enjoyment, leisure, celebration with different ways as they like peacefully. Some arranges programs of national songs, debates, quizzes for students.

But in our country freedom day is celebrated with a different style, we celebrate it as a day full of enjoyment, zeal, pleasure. On that day each one wears white and green dresses, mostly guys wear green shirt and girls wears white shalwar kameez and green dopatas

Little children also wear colorful dresses and make stars and moon with paint on their faces and fore-heads. Children also come with large and small flags, different styles of batches.

There is a competition between the young gays and girls to look different from the others. For that have special preparation for dresses, shoes, hand bags, bracelets, sunglasses, also gives gifts to their friends.

They also invite the friends on the parties and cook food on this special occasions. Special dishes like Desi Food Dishes or traditional food are prepared and presented to guests.

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